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The Cut
It doesn't seem like that big of a deal, right?
I mean, you've certainly had worse before.
It's just a little severed skin,
Just some dripping blood.
It's just a tad of light headedness,
Part of it likely caused by the rush of endorphins.
It's not like you're really suicidal.
It's not like you'd actually kill yourself.
But then you accidentally cut too deep.
I guess you didn't realize just how bad cutting is.
:icondespicableme1:DespicableMe1 16 2
22.5.2015: Spring Morning Light by Suensyan 22.5.2015: Spring Morning Light :iconsuensyan:Suensyan 75 6 Depression by DestinyBlue Depression :icondestinyblue:DestinyBlue 37,095 3,858
Our generation
cigarette smoke
the fumes
in the wall
cocaine lines
in bathroom
our generation,
we have it all
misguided teens,
with dying dreams
(poured down the drain
by languid veins)
the clinking of glasses
and racing hearts,
we cannot stop
what we did start
it's all an escape- a sick paradox:
we're running
from ourselves.
:icontangled-tales:Tangled-Tales 326 140
Helsinki Snowfall by Pajunen Helsinki Snowfall :iconpajunen:Pajunen 4,056 549 En Masse by clockblock En Masse :iconclockblock:clockblock 7,271 590 Helsinki Winter by Pajunen Helsinki Winter :iconpajunen:Pajunen 2,285 272
Friendships crumble
And family mourns
All because you take the next step in life.
:icondespicableme1:DespicableMe1 13 6
Collection: Mt. Everest

Mt. Everest
:iconrwslavin: RWSlavin
:iconmisterdedication: MisterDedication
Lighthouse and Mt Everest
To touch the face of God…
Until the manned spaceflights of the 1960s let humanity “slip the surly bonds of earth,” the closest one could get to the heavens was Mt. Everest, the highest mountain in the world. As the breathtaking gallery presented here well documents, there is probably no more awe-inspiring geographic formation in our world. The summit actually pierces the clouds, often obscuring the &
:icontechgnotic:techgnotic 188 26
Collection: Shine A Light

Shine a Light
:iconrwslavin: RWSlavin
:iconbaxiaart: BaxiaArt
Light means so many things in our lives beyond mere illumination.
Cinematographers call the hour just before the sun sets “the magic hour.” Movie producers and directors schedule the shooting of love scenes and other important moments in their script to take advantage of the powerful effect that “magic hour” sunlight subliminally exerts on our psyches. The Dutch master painters of the 17th century were expert in focusing the eye on the “story
:icontechgnotic:techgnotic 711 62
I'm sorry
I can feel my beat
But I can't feel my heart.
I can feel my lungs
But I don't breathe.
I feel the piercing blade of sadness,
It's cold steel running through me.
But I don't feel the warm embrace of happiness.
:icondnbsen2:DNBSEN2 6 19
Little Miss Muffet
Little Miss Muffet Sat on a tuffet trying not to cry
When along came a spider that sat down beside her asking, "Dear, why the puffy red eyes?"
Well Miss Muffet explained she was going insane and she simply could not go on
Knowing that everything that she did, to the world, was always done wrong.
And the spider asked, "Dear, how in earth do you know? To me, you don't seem that bad.
Wipe the tears from your face and don't feel a disgrace for you've no reason to be sad."
But Miss Muffet protested for she felt so detested and she knew she could no longer hide,
So she ran from the spider that had sat down beside her and the next day, it was found she had died.
:icondespicableme1:DespicableMe1 24 12
The Show Must Go On
She was called some nasty names today
And she came home in tears.
The show must go on.
He was beat by his parents at home
But he had no one to turn to.
The show must go on.
She was hated and despised for being herself.
And she just couldn't understand how anger forms from nothing.
The show must go on.
He was booed and jeered at fire standing up for his beliefs
And reprimanded by those who claimed they know better.
The show must go on.
She made small, experimental cuts on her arm
And watched the blood spill slowly in between her fingers.
The show must go on.
He punched and kicked at himself
Till bruises formed deep beneath his skin.
The show must go on.
She swallowed a full bottle of pills
And laid down on her bed to sleep eternally.
He tied a noose for himself
And dangled limply from the trees.
The show will go on.
:icondespicableme1:DespicableMe1 19 7
If I Could Have Wings
If I could have wings to fly,
Then I would fly away.
So long was my life full of pain
That I've no desire to stay.
If I could have fins to swim,
Then I would swim down deep,
Deep into the darkest depths
Where all my secrets it would keep.
If I could have a tail,
I'd swish it ever so slightly.
Skeptical would be my demeanor
Since I've been treated not too kindly.
If I could have wings,
Far from here I'd be found.
I want no part in misery
When what goes around comes around.
:icondespicableme1:DespicableMe1 18 6
In the Forest by Alena-Koshkar In the Forest :iconalena-koshkar:Alena-Koshkar 450 35


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